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Rogue sand tires is owned and operated by Scott Estes. Other than serving on a mission for his church in Pennsylvania at the age of 19, he has lived and worked in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife and two children. He is now a proud grandfather (“Pops”) of two.

Scott began his love for the sand dunes when he started going to Buttercup sand dunes at the age of two with his father and family of seven. His father fabricated and created his own sand buggy in 1964 and at that time, they would have to sneak access to the dunes through a hole in the fence. They duned from I-8 as far south as they could, which was well into Mexico. This was at a time where very few vehicles could climb up Competition Hill and sand tires consisted of implement tires that were grooved.

Growing up and going to the sand dunes regularly, Scott has seen a lot of improvements in the dune buggy scene since they first snuck in through holes in a fence. He remembers the first time paddle tires were introduced at the dunes. A white van would arrive at the sand dunes, and for a cash deposit you could try a set of paddle tires. Although the tires were mounted on heavy steel wheels, the difference from grooved implements was short of a miracle in providing improvements to the dunning experience.

Scott took over ownership of his father’s automotive/fabrication business that he had worked at since the age of eight. With over 40 year’s experience in the automotive and fabrication industry, he understands the quality and service that goes behind each product and service he offers. In 2018, seeing a need for available inventory, superior quality, and light construction, he ventured to create a proprietary system to vulcanize paddle tires. Through trial and more error that he cares to admit, he and his team engineered a new paddle tire design that will once again revolutionize the industry. 

As Scott is obsessed with creating the best tire to optimize his own duning experience, his obsession has expanded to create lightweight, quality tires for his fellow duners. He is committed to ensuring folks have access to his latest designs to optimize the experience when enjoying the dune ride.

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